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Your Personal Characteristics with Libra Rising Sign

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If Libra was rising at the time of your birth, you are an intellectually oriented individual.

You use your mental skills in order to assess a situation, evaluate your options and consider your choices. You encounter a great difficulty to come to a final decision when you are facing a dilemma, as your sense of fairness is a deep-rooted virtue of your personality.


Your need for social approval and desire to feel cherished often lead to misguidance and false judgement. You may encounter people that would try to take advantage of this weakness of yours especially in your early years. Such confrontations may give you a valuable life lesson as you may have an inherent tendency to please others, out of an inner insecurity that you may express as a need for approval. People that will try to benefit from your sincere generosity, will teach you to use your judgment more sensibly and to become pragmatic rather than living in your own cloud of unrealism.

If you manage to embed such experiences during adolescence, you will become a wise and mentally balanced individual, which others will refer to for guidance, in your mature years. This inner balance may be a product of a long inner struggle between your urge for action and your need for thorough analysis, resulting to passivity. When you manage to harmonize these two opposite forces within you, you will experience great inner peace.

You have a natural talent for negotiating, as you tend to use your charm in order to do so. Your magnetism may have a great impact on other people’s judgement. Your objective attitude when you deal with conflict may inspire others to come to a compromise easier.

Libra zodiac sign horoscope vintage card.

You are a graceful and charismatic individual with a strong need to surround yourself with beautiful things. A peaceful and well refined environment can make you feel relaxed and at home. So you tend to spend a lot of time and effort in order to create such a setting.

This sense of symmetry may also apply when it comes to your personal appearance. You have a natural understanding of aesthetics and so you give great importance to how you look. You may follow your own type of fashion as you comprehend beauty in its most raw form.

Relationships are very important to you and you tend to build only long-lasting ones where you have set strong foundations. Through intimacy, you feel stronger and ready to show the world your full potential. Intellectual understanding with another human being gives you the inner security to explore the deepest and darkest aspects of your personality without fear. A strong friendship or a partnership based merely on love helps you realize and cultivate your natural charisma.

Due to your ability to analyze and evaluate every situation thoroughly you will develop a very fair judgement. Others will come to you for advice as you will reflect a strong sense of wisdom. You are able to distinguish the real source of any problem almost instantaneously as you can remain objective and highly emotionally intelligent in any situation.

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