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What Will 2016 Bring for Each Zodiac Sign?

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2016 will bring luck and prosperity for all the Zodiac signs.

This year’s transits will bring opportunities and good fortune for everyone, all we need to do is see our lucky chances and embrace them. It is time to put an end to past suffering and troubles and start afresh, looking forward to a brighter future. For Aries it is an excellent year, as Mars will be jumping all over your map. In all your life aspects great opportunities will arise. Financially, you will get unexpected offers for extra work but you also receive payments that you haven’t anticipated. Your family and love life will improve rapidly as long as you work hand in hand with the possibilities for deeper intimacy.

Taurus playful and cheeky side will come up to the surface this year. You have been working too hard and now is the time to enjoy your lively side. For more details on what will 2016 bring to all the Zodiac signs, read the following article.

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Taurus 2016 Horoscopes – Your naughty side finally comes in handy.

Venus is your ruling planet, Taurus, and this means you have a luxurious naughty side. You are very often too busy being the practical and hard working one, so you don’t get to use this side too often. And you miss it too! This side of you gets tickled quite a lot this year, Taurus, and the Taurus 2016 horoscopes suggest that the naughtier you are this year, the luckier you will be. Taurus 2016 horoscopes are particularly blinking on the fifth house, your house of pleasure, fun love, and creativity. Your inner naughty boy or girl is going to put you on many adventures this year. As they do, you may come across opportunities that are success for you financially too! So don’t say no to this side if the urge arises. So long as you stay within the boundaries you are fixed on, make love not war, Taurus, and your streets in 2016 will be paved in gold. Uranus is in your twelfth house, so expect some soul searching along the way. Pluto is in your ninth making the big wide world a key factor in Taurus 2016 horoscopes. Everything could change on a dime, and you will love it. What are you hoping will change, Taurus?

Gemini 2016 Horoscopes – Lather, rinse, repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Mercury is you ruling planet, Gemini, and Mercury is putting a little spin on Gemini 2016 horoscopes. Mercury goes retrograde four times in 2016 which is once more than it usually does and this means you are going to be all over the map. Moreso than you already are, unfortunately Gemini. Your key to ensuring the Gemini 2016 horoscopes work for you and not against you this year is to get very, very good at going with the flow. This means its time to show your flexible and positive side if you want 2016 to be a successful one for you. By going retrograde 4 times this year, that means Mercury is literally pulling a stop and go. And then stop and then go. Four times in your life will you be hitting the Start button this year. So expect a lot of confusion and delays, and they will not work in your favor if your karma is not in check. This will be most important in your fourth house, your house of home and family, as that is where lucky or karmi rising Jupiter will be for you this year. Lather, rinse, repeat, and do it with a smile and this year long stop and go effect won’t be so stressful.

Cancer 2016 Horoscopes – A year-long performance review pays off.

The forecast in Cancer 2016 horoscopes suggests that Cancer is going to be in for a bit of a performance review in the coming year. And as a Cardinal Sign, Cancer is going to be launching this review themselves. So while other zodiac signs are going to be experiencing fated events, Cancer is going to be making it happen all on their own. But there is some help from Jupiter if you play your cards right. The year starts off with you in full on reflection mode thanks to the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day. Home and family are all that really matter to you right now. And when this area of your life is perfect, Cancer, everything is perfect. Cancer 2016 horoscopes also show that you are going to have some help in the career arena to help keep your family fat and fed this year, thanks to Uranus in your tenth house. Be okay with accepting rewards, that will be your mission in this year long performance review, Cancer. Big changes will follow your performance review, Cancer, and they could be changes that last for years to come. So don’t be afraid to do things a little unusual and a little different this year. Where are you hoping your Cancer 2016 horoscopes wave the most magic, Cancer?

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