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How Will This Year’s Transits Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign?

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This year’s astrological transits will bring some very positive prospects for all the Zodiac Signs.

Aries have a lot of unresolved issues for this year that they will need to take care of. This means that firstly they need to work hard in order to later enjoy the fruit of their labor. With Saturn in Sagittarius, Aries need to take their relationships more seriously and avoid playing around with other people’s feelings. If Aries continue to act in an irresponsible manner they will face some serious implications in their most intimate relationships.

Taurus will experience loads of luck and pleasure especially in the first part of the year with Jupiter in Virgo in their house of gratification. For single Taurus luck will smile especially in the beginning of the year and you will have loads of fun with your special someone. For more details on how the transits will affect each Zodiac sign in 2016, read the following article.

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Gemini – Home is where the everything is.

For you, Gemini, your 2016 horoscopes show that your home is going to take front and center in all areas this year. There are a lot of planets in your fourth house at some point in the year, and so your home front and foundations that make you feel secure will be your focus. You may be renovating, relocating, expanding, or even experiencing a new member of the family this year. This will be in the planning stage after January 3, when Jupiter is retrograde, but your plans are expected to go full throttle after May 10. Saturn is in your house of relationships this year, and long term partnerships. Have you been neglecting some legal responsibilities or responsibilities of parenthood? If so, there will be some changes in that front this year. Tend to that garden now. Between June 12 and June 29, Mercury your ruling planet will be in your sign and you will have everything you need to communicate what you need to in order to get what you want. Remember to be fair, or you will find yourself very frustrated. Between May 24 and June 17 is a great time to put feelings words forward to your partner, they’ve been waiting. Tend to your fourth house, your house of responsibilities on the homefront first and foremost this year, Gemini and your karmic rewards will arrive by December 11, 2016. What responsibilities on the home front need some tweaking, Gemini?

Cancer – Feelings words win, every time.

There are many planets, including lucky Jupiter, in your third house this year, Cancer and that means your daily events and activities and daily people will be your focus this year. Friendships are going to deepen and you will learn this year who is “your person” and who you can really count on through thick and thin. The more you connect with others this year, Cancer, the greater your ultimate rewards. Mars in Scorpio after January 4 will inspire you to make a bold move in love. Whether you are single or attached, the words you use now will obliterate any competition. Between June 17 and July 12 is the best time to take the family on vacation, as Venus will be in your sign and the love will be flowing freely. Single Cancers should take a vacation during this period as well and open their hearts to the possibilities that love is out there in the world waiting. When Mercury enters Cancer after June 29, Cancer just needs to use their feelings words when making requests and you will succeed, every time. This is a powerful theme Cancer can use all year long to win in 2016. Who will you be using feelings words with the most this year, Cancer?

Leo – Flexibility is your super power.

As a Fixed Sign, Leo, you aren’t the most flexible one. This will be your mission if you choose to accept it this year. You like things the way that you like them and get very frustrated when they don’t go your way. That mindset will backfire on you this year. Maintain flexibility in all areas and you will win every time, Leo. In fact, flexibility is your super power. When you remain open and flexible to all possibilities this year you can make friends and influence people in all areas of your life. Love especially is going to take front and center this year, Leo and Saturn is entering your house of pleasures to remind you about some responsibilities. Have you entered every relationship authentically over the past few years, Leo? If not, clean up those messes because both Saturn and Jupiter have some wonderful lovely surprises for you in the name of love. And this is true whether you are single or attached. With all of this activity in Leo’s house of pleasure this year, all Leos are guaranteed to have some fun. Just be sure you do so with kindness. If someone has to pay for your pleasure, you will too, soon down the road. Be flexible, remember? If you have a big ask to make this year, of a client, employer, or partner, wait until after July 14 when Mercury is in your sign to make it. Mars is in your corner here and a big move is going to leave you feeling very happy. Time for a change, Leo, be flexible, and go for it. Smiles are the expected outcome. Big ones. Who do you want to make you smile, Leo?

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