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Discover Your Personality Traits with Leo Ascendant

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If Leo was rising at the time of your birth, you have a natural urge for leadership.

You are born to guide others towards a special ideal or purpose. Your need for social recognition gives you a vigorous drive in this lifetime to accomplish greater things. You want to become an important figure in society and others respect you for your integrity and courage.

You are a very generous with others and share your love without restraint. This might become disadvantageous as you may tend to be extravagant in your dealings with other people. For example you have the tendency to overindulge yourself and as a consequence to spoil those who are closer to you with constant outbursts of affection. This behavior may be an outcome of an inner insecurity. You are afraid that others won’t respect you or regard you as highly as you secretly wish, so you may give too much and expect too little. Maybe you should try and evaluate yourself more objectively rather than being critical. You should develop a sense of recognizing your self-worth at all times.


You hide your insecurities with a veil of pride. When you feel threatened on a personal level, you tend to become distant and abrupt. You have a way of not letting others spoiling your image. You may use intense and aggressive behavior in order to assert yourself in conversations with others. If you have developed your personal skills maturely then your sense of pride may become an advantage as you may use your passion and desire for greater things, to guide you further in life.

You are enthusiastic about travelling. An adventurous way of living does excite you and you tend to enjoy making big dreams as you have a grandiose way of thinking. You will work hard to accomplish anything you set out to do sometimes in exaggeration. Try not to let your goals come in the way between you and your intimate relationships as your inherent drive to accomplish greater things may become a reason to neglect your family or friends.

In your profession, you have a special desire but also a natural skill for leadership. This gift may also stand in your way of accomplishing your goals as you tend to become blind when it comes to recognizing the potential of others. You need to realize that every individual has something special to offer and that we are all equally important with our unique skills and talents. This way you will be able to cooperate better with others and bring the best out of them as you may become their inspiration instead of their ‘strict judge’. You will be able to share equal opportunities with your colleagues and create something even more rewarding in a team spirit.


It is possible that in your childhood you received a great amount of attention from your parents or maybe none. These extreme circumstances may have created a deep insecurity deep inside your psyche that is the cause of an arrogant behavior and expression towards others. When you feel insecure you insist of doing things your own way to the extent of appearing as a snob. On the surface you seem like looking down on others. You should try and show the same amount of respect that you need others to show to you. Otherwise you may feel lonely and isolated in your dealings with others.

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