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Discover Your Personality Traits Based on Your Cancer Ascendant

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People with Cancer Rising are usually highly intuitive.

They filter life through the power of their emotions and show high levels of emotional intelligence. In order to understand the complexities of this world you may use all your senses and the intensity of your feelings. Your instincts and insights are usually correct and thus you have an inherent gift of psychic abilities.

If Cancer was rising at the time of your birth, you are an extremely sensitive individual which could sometimes lead to lacking self-confidence as you might be feeling alienated from a ‘cruel world’. You will encounter feelings of loneliness as you will visualize other people as cold, distant and selfish. You need to develop a more extrovert behavior towards the outer world and realize the emotional needs of others with patience and tolerance. Try to be less judgmental and accept the individuality of those around you.

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On the other hand, by acknowledging your own sensitivity, you may use it as a tool in order to help yourself and others. Professions such as care-taker, psychologist or a career in medicine would be very suitable to your personal characteristics as these are fields where you could satisfy your need to nurture and support other individuals.

If you have experienced a childhood where you did not receive the emotional support that you needed, you may have developed an emotional shield, an outer shell that you use in order to distance yourself from the outer world. You may feel too insecure to share your own vulnerabilities and sensitive inner self even with your partner. Your perceptive energies must be guided accordingly to the intensity of your relationships and you shouldn’t waste your thoughtfulness for people that don’t worth your affection. You must learn to attract people that appreciate this side of yourself. This way you will find your interaction with others very rewarding.


Your home is very important to you because it is where you draw your creative energy from. In order to endure the struggles of life you need to have a home that offers you stability and security, your shelter of comfort. You need to know that after a hard day, you can retire to your clean and beautiful surroundings with people that will appreciate the same qualities in their environment as you do. You may also find psychological comfort in your home and this is why you have possibly made a lot of effort to make it exactly as you like it to be. There you can relax and release any feelings of discomfort, depression or intensity that you may carry.

In dealings with others, you may avoid confrontation as you hate extreme emotional outbursts of anger. Because the ambiguity of raging reactions frightens you, you prefer to approach these situations with diplomacy or in extreme cases, you distance yourself until things have calm down.

You are cautious with money as you need to always feel secure. So a person with Cancer rising will never find themselves broke. You need to know that you are always able to sustain yourself and those that you love.

You tend to cling on to past experiences, people from your past or material possessions that you keep holding on to, only because of their emotional value. This habit of yours may prevent you from experiencing the intensity of the present moment, resulting into extreme emotions of nostalgia for the past and detachment from present circumstances. You need to get rid of old psychological burdens and experience life with a fresh eye in order to see where it can take you.

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