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Discover Your Personality Traits According to Your Virgo Rising Sign

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If the sign of Virgo was rising at the time of your birth, your need for organization and order is your essential life tool.

You are a very systematic and responsible person and you tend to filter everything through your mental abilities rather than you’re emotional intelligence. In order to perform, you need to know there is an order of things in your immediate environment.

You have an inherent sense of responsibility that defines your way of thinking and your attitude towards life. You need to always feel useful. You want to assist others because by doing so you experience yourself as a part of the whole. Even in your professional environment you tend to be the one that will solve problems or do the tasks that others are reluctant to perform.


You have an over-analytical and critical mind. On the plus side, you can use your mind to evaluate the circumstances, foresee all the potential outcomes of each situation and as a consequence make the right decisions. This way you rarely make mistakes. There is also a negative influence of this aspect of your personality as you tend to be extremely judgmental, especially with yourself. You have high standards and need to be perfect in anything you set out to do. You tend to worry too much when you are unable to execute you duties according to your standards.This way you become overcritical with yourself, which often brings all your insecurities on the surface. You should try to be more flexible and stop questioning yourself, as this behavioral pattern may cause you chronic anxieties and psychological illness on the long run.


With Virgo rising at the time of your birth, you may face various health problems that are associated with your digestive system. These problems are directly connected with your psychological processes as you tend to constantly judge your imperfections rather than praise your accomplishments. Rewarding yourself with plenty of rest is essential. Try and put yourself first as your sense of duty to other people may distract you and cause chronic illnesses.

You have specific attitudes when it comes to food. You have a tendency to either become over-weight or under-weight. You should try and involve a healthy diet into your everyday schedule. Exercise and alternative practices can be also beneficial as they will help you release unwanted negative energies that usually bring up to the surface your hidden anxieties. Yoga may be the perfect exercise for you will be able to listen to your body more and follow your needs as a whole entity.

If you can create a stable and loving environment in this lifetime where you can feel secure, you will be able to develop all your natural talents as you need to know that there is a concrete basis in order to perform tasks according to your high standards. You need a partner that will support you and is able to stand up for you, someone who will also love you for your insecurities and particular ways. If you can be able to create such an environment you will thrive in this lifetime as the practical, mentally analytical and supportive aspect of your personality can become useful and necessary to others. This way you will feel personal fulfillment and an urge to accomplish your highest goals.

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