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Which Are Your Personality Traits with an Aries Rising Sign?

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Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac cycle and as such when it happens to rise at the time of your birth it gives you the ambition to come first at everything you set out to do.

With an Aries ascendant you have the tendency to act impulsively but with great courage, honesty and boldness. You usually act and then think, which can sometimes cause you serious trouble. On other times this personal characteristic may be found to be very beneficial for you and those around you, as you may save a person or a situation on time. You need to find the right balance and start evaluating the circumstances before acting spontaneously as you may appear as an irresponsible individual to those closer to you.

Patience is not your primary virtue. You are eager for results and you don’t enjoy the journey as much as getting to your destination. On the other hand this gives you the right tools to accomplish anything you want as you may stubbornly dedicate yourself in order to accomplish your goals. Try not to rash into things as other people may feel intimidated, especially when it comes to love relationships. Do not surrender yourself unconditionally from the beginning of a love affair. Give some time and space for your partner to truly and gradually get to know you.

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You tend to be extremely passionate about your beliefs and this is what others mostly admire about you. You inspire people to think that anything can be possible and share a feeling that in life our possibilities and capabilities can be infinite. This is why you need to step back and make sure that your beliefs are worth fighting for. Otherwise you will be very disappointed in the long run.

As a free spirit you radiate positive energy which others may tend to draw from you. You are extremely active and you get involved in various activities at the same time. Always give yourself the appropriate time for rest in order to recharge your batteries. Don’t fool yourself, thinking that this energy well of yours is bottomless.


You are quite competitive and always create your own unique paths in life. As you tend to do everything your own way, you don’t enjoy cooperating with others. You find cooperation restrictive even though solidarity is an inherent ideal for you. You should try and make more comprises when it comes to working or interacting with other people. In the end of the day everyone can be inspiring in their own special way.

You are very independent and love to lead a life of total freedom. You are inclined to follow a career in politics as you hold your ideals extremely high. You are natural born leader and the energy that you radiate can be very inspiring to those around you.

You enjoy new and innovative ideas but you also have the tendency to disregard old concepts which can be found very disadvantageous. You may appear superficial and shallow due to your extreme enthusiasm for modernistic conceptions and your denial for the old world.

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