Ascendant in Taurus

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As we have previously described, our Rising Sign or Ascendant is the sign that is rising at the time of our birth.

It has the same impact on our personality as our zodiac sign as it represents the way we go about conquering our goals. It is a myth that the influence of our rising sign to our personal traits is more obvious after we reach the age of thirty. It just takes time for these influences to grow, develop and be fully absorbed on a conscious level. So our Ascendant is highly connected with our experiences during childhood where we learn to interact and communicate for the first time.

People with Ascending Taurus are very stable and reliable individuals. You tend to take time and think things through, in order to make the right decisions. You don’t act hastily and restlessly. You have your own methods and systems for evaluating situations and individuals and you usually give time and space before you come to conclusions or make judgments for other individuals. You are a realist and tend to base your choices on logic rather than sentiment even though you are a true romantic.


You are not a fan of change and you usually accept it only if you absolutely have to. Anything new or different makes you feel insecure at first as you are set in your old ways. You approach transformation gradually rather than making big steps towards new situations. You tend to avoid any sort of change to the extent that you are clinging on to faulty relationships that may have no future prospects out of your need for comfort and stability.

You are very easy-going with a natural inclination to laziness. This why your ideal holidays may include doing nothing for a while. So you tend to avoid a hectic way of living even if the circumstances require that you become more active and vigorous. This may turn out to be disadvantageous when there is an element of urgency or emergency in your current state of affairs.


You have a natural talent for artistic activities. You are more likely to follow a profession that relates to art as you can fully grasp the rules of aesthetics. You could succeed in anything that may involve music, theatre or dance. Since you are also a very practical individual you might choose a more technical profession that relates to art such as a sound engineer, a stage producer or a jewelry maker that involves working with your hands as much as with your brain.

You tend to overindulge when it comes to pleasure. You enjoy anything that is beautiful as you have a natural ability to distinguish beauty even in the ugliest situations. But you also have the tendency for excess when it comes to food, alcohol or sexual activity. As a lover you don’t have taboos but you are also set in your ways and resistant to change and variety. You need to be with a faithful lover that has an intense sexual appetite.

Your stubbornness and possessiveness are the two things that might create problems for you. So you need to find the perfect balance between letting go of situations, material possessions or even other people and holding on to what is worth your energy and time. Choose carefully the things you should dedicate yourself to.

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